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Setting: Autumn in the Rockies

Characters: Mary, Nick, Winston, the Broncos and myself.

Plot: I fell in love with this pretty awesome Berroco Campus yarn in ‘Latte’ at a yarn shop I had never been to before called “Yarn" (how creative) in Durango. I’m not the biggest football fan, so every Sunday night I would knit while "watching" the Broncos game with Mary, Nick, and Winston. These mittens and headband are a product of those nights! I love them. I found the 4 double sided needle mitten pattern on, and if you are a knitter OR crocheter and haven’t taken a look at that site yet - head on over! They have tons of free patterns and a pretty powerful search engine. Its a great resource. The headband I just kind of made up. Super easy: its all garter stitch, cinched with a yarn I braided together.